As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong with you.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Client Love

I feel like the luckiest person alive because I met Michelle and got into her coaching program. I feel like I’ve shifted between worlds! And this new version that emerged out of myself is so much more stable, courageous and at the same time more compassionate than ever.

It’s been almost half a year since my last coaching session with her and still feel like I need to get used to my new, healed way of being and my new, more compassionate approach to treating myself and others.

I knew Michelle was the right companion on my journey through grief, fear, and abandonment after I took her “The Healer Within” workshop. Already after this one-time event did I experience the healing power of Somatic Experiencing and compassion. I used the exercise at the workshop to work with my fear of never being good enough at work. And to my surprise, I woke up without my typical headache and dizziness the next work day after completing the workshop.

I just wish more people would be educated on what trauma actually is and how it can affect so many aspects in one’s life.

By teaching me about trauma and journeying with me, Michelle helped me unearth the Master Key to what I used to think was “wrong” with me. It’s hard to describe what I experienced because I think to really understand what this journey did for me you would have had to experience it in my body from my point of view.

At times, coming back to my body and releasing long-forgotten feelings, stuck emotions, and memories felt like learning a new language. Gradually, with each session, I became more confident in communicating with my body and the fearful parts of myself that way. This is how I re-learned to trust my body, myself, and therefore, trust life more.

So, all I’m left with is trying to tell you that being treated with utmost compassion in a non-judgmental safe space, such as in Michelle’s coaching, can take you towards deep healing, light and lightness in heart and soul.

However, it’s up to you and your body how it will work out. I had to learn that in this process you can’t force anything. Yet, it is advisable to open up to the experience. Or, to quote Morpheus in the original “The Matrix” movie: “I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Michelle guided me when I was ready to walk through that door. And on the other side, I found an almost otherworldy experience of being loved and falling back in love with my body and my life.

Jenifer Doerrich

Throughout my life, I have tried many different forms of therapy and healing. From Self-help books, CBT-related therapies, EMDR, traditional talk therapy, journaling, reiki, and breathwork. Many of these therapies I found helped me to feel some form of balance. However many left me feeling re-traumatized or like I was still carrying around a backpack full of other’s projections, my own sadness, and years of trauma. That was until a close friend began to rave about the healing she was seeing in her own life through meeting with Michelle. She happened to turn me onto Michelle’s “Healer Within” workshop and since that day I have not looked back. 

In three months of working with Michelle, my entire life has changed. My relationship with myself, others, with stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression. All of that shifted so rapidly that it was hard to believe at first, over the course of time with fewer flashbacks/nightmares/anxiety I’ve realized that the results are long-lasting and real. Beginning to see Michelle I had multiple health issues and throughout my time working with Michelle many of these health concerns have either vanished entirely, or I’m seeing positive changes where I used to feel that there was no hope. I’ve begun feeling significantly less stressed, and I am enjoying a better quality of life. A quality of life that I truly never even imagined that I could/would have.

Michelle helped me to take off the backpack of multiple mental health diagnoses and look at it closer, and understand what it truly meant for me. Which was, a lot of trauma and a need to acknowledge, process and release. Michelle’s methods of affirmation, space holding, and genuinely showing up for those of which she coaches are inspirational. Not only would I recommend Michelle as a coach to those who are looking for help on their healing path. But also to those who are looking for a sense of support, community, and accountability without the discomfort of feeling like your healing is on a deadline.

Afrah Collier-Potts

I started my coaching with Michelle feeling like I was being crushed and crumpled by certain things in my life, with emotions so deep and negative that I couldn’t talk about certain things without shaking and stuttering.

While working with Michelle, I was able to eliminate multiple deep rooted self defeating habits, fears, self doubt, and non-serving behaviors. We worked through and healed multiple traumas I didn’t even realize were there, tied to things I had put aside and labeled as “insignificant.”

Using my ability to visualize (something I had legitimately forgotten I could do) Michelle was able to guide me through a number of moments where we created an environment and a story, per-say, where my mind could fully understand and finish playing out emotions that were stuck and locked inside my body. In some cases, with the help of characters and tools that I can now quickly tap into with visualization to help me in troublesome situations.

I gained a greater self awareness than I thought I could ever have. I remembered natural talents that I had completely forgotten or suppressed. I recollected pieces of myself I had lost for too long. I destroyed walls and barriers and broke chains that were holding me down. I gained a greater understanding of the value of my time, my energy, my talents and myself as a person overall.

And, I came to a realization that something I thought was a negative part of my existence, consistently, was actually one of the biggest positives of my life, and a talent that I can embrace and use to move forward with confidence.

I’m walking…no, soaring out of our time spent doing this together with a weightlessness, a feeling of playfulness, and an absolute strength that I’ve never felt before. I think I’ve laughed more in the last 2 months than I have in 2 years.

The best part about all of this is that this isn’t inspired writing. There’s no endorphins running through my body right now. There’s no hype. This is just how I feel now. Every day. It’s just my normal now. I feel good. I AM strong.

Michelle, thank you for being who you are, for choosing to serve people in the way that you do. I’m looking forward to doing this again with you in the future and going even deeper.

Christian Garon

When I began working with Michelle, I was in the midst of another depressive episode. I felt sad, helpless, had lots of issues with sleep, couldn’t find the energy to do the simplest task, etc. However, this was no longer just about a chemical imbalance in my brain. I had all the supports I needed to feel better but nothing was working – it was time to take a closer look at what was weighing me down.

I have been so fortunate to be able to do this with someone that I absolutely adore and feel safe with! The first time I met Michelle, I felt an instant bond with her. She was a meditation instructor in a course I took, and hands down, one of my favorites! Michelle has a beautiful energy about her – she radiates peace, calm, and hope.

Michelle promised that we were going to move mountains together. And have we ever! After my very first session with her, I began to sleep better. After the second one, I found I had more energy. I overcame many hardships while working with her, including an emotional and painful break-up. We have worked through so much including my childhood, my anxiety, my addictions, and Michelle has been right there with me every step of the way. She brings so much loving kindness and compassion to all our sessions.

We have worked on things that were so painful, so dark – but knowing that she was there and doing it with her has been such a gift. I love how Michelle describes the experience: ‘It hurts so good.’ The work can be hard, it can be painful, and it can hurt. But the results have blown me away time and time again.

Underlying it all, I have begun to find myself and answer questions like: Who am I? What are my values? What brings me joy and what doesn’t? I am getting to know myself, and better yet, I’m learning to love myself.

Michelle, there is no one I would rather do this with. You are so intuitive, so compassionate, and so gentle in your guidance. I would highly recommend you to anyone struggling with any aspect of their lives. You bring me so much joy. I feel honored to know you and to do this work with you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing me back home.

Zahra Ruda

I have born the dark traumas of my childhood and felt an alienation from life. I have suppressed my emotions which have created further problems in my adult life through unhealthy actions both to myself and others. Everything I have done, work, leisure, friends and family life has gone on autopilot. I have lived in a vacuum with a lot of suffering.

Through Instagram I got in touch with Michelle, who I quickly gained a lot of trust in. I was terribly afraid of being confronted with my dark feelings, but Michelle gave me so much reassurance and confidence that I decided to take the step and start coaching with her.

Michelle has been magical in our sessions. She made contact with my darkness in my body, which made me cry and was wonderfully healing and redemptive. Listening with closed eyes to Michelle’s humble, warm healing voice was a spiritual experience I never had felt. The skin knotted at my whole body and I felt like I was floating in a weightless state. So AMAZING!

Oppressed feelings have come in waves after our sessions and I have cried redemptive tears in rivers. So wonderful that it is impossible to describe. I have been given exercises to do daily, that have been very valuable in consolidating progress and healing. It has given me peace and safety. I have learned to be positive, to embrace all thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, never to be judgemental of myself, and to work with self-compassion and forgiveness.

Michelle has taught me to listen to my body. It was an “ah-ha” experience when she resolved my traumas in my body. AMAZING. Michelle has a warm, permissive charisma, she radiates loving-kindness. She has an open mind and a BIG welcoming, loving heart. Everything is allowed, there is no condemnation, you can open the darkest sides for Michelle, which feels so liberating and cleansing.

Michelle is a fantastic listener, she takes in the information, then explains in a simple way the cause of the problem and you feel that this is exactly how it is. It’s magical! Michelle quickly finds a solution and many times you have to close your eyes, you leave yourself completely to her compassionate, embracing, loving voice. So wonderfully healing!

I have thought that my difficult situation was impossible to get out of. I’m so happy today that I dared to challenge my darkness and my trauma. That was the hardest step! Since then, with Michelle’s spiritual help it has been an AMAZING journey and not at all difficult!

I really recommend Michelle with all my heart to you who are struggling. Take the opportunity to live your lives to the fullest. To be able to come home to your real self. Get to hear from Michelle that you are perfect as you are and that you have the solution within yourself for an AMAZING life.

I have never met such a fellow human being as Michelle in my entire long life and I promise, you will not be disappointed. She is a gift to this world and has dedicated her life to healing wounded Souls. Michelle is simply the best!!!

Leif Norén

I reached out to Michelle through a good friends recommendation. I had just quit my second job that had been causing me emotional/mental distress and burnout. My boyfriend was moving into my apartment, and I was struggling to find balance in all aspects of life while dealing with disordered eating/self esteem issues.

I have had traditional therapy and while it did help, it didn’t heal me to the same degree. I was honestly surprised and delighted by the shift in my body and thoughts. This rings especially true to the disordered eating/self-esteem issues. I trust my body more now then I ever have and that is wonderfully liberating.

I loved how she started/ended our sessions together. I never dreaded having a session even if I knew it was going to be surrounded by heavy emotions. I felt heard and valued every-time. I wasn’t uncomfortable or afraid to open up and experience the discomfort of my emotions because I was being taken seriously, and I knew she would not let me leave in a funk.

I really enjoyed my experience with Michelle and her style of counseling/therapy. Her approach is unique, warm and genuine. Superhero levels of empathy. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Ashley *Due to the sensitive and personal nature of this work, this client requested not to have her full name disclosed.*

My breaking point came when I couldn’t escape the familiar cycle of staying in bed all day, leaving only for work on most days. Fearful of walks and being outside, being seen and judged. Anxiety took over and I was repeating these patterns of lifelessness. Although I have not experienced suicidal thoughts, I didn’t feel like I was living. I couldn’t choose to ‘live’. I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed to do anything – go for a walk,  socialize, do something for myself, wash a dirty cup in the sink. My mind would go numb and retreat. Nothing could bring me up from that empty feeling.

I had been going through these depressive episodes since I was about fifteen. They would last anywhere from a month to a year.I realized these cycles weren’t about to stop anytime soon so when I came across Michelle’s coaching on social media I was intrigued. I had been following her on socials for a while before we started working together and I have always been attracted to her worldview – spiritual yet unassuming; noninvasive; trustworthy; non-judgemental.

Since working with her I have grown to appreciate just how lucky I am to have connected with her. She really listens and is genuine in her approach to understanding what I need to explore and she is encouraging without being pushy. She is the voice of reason, the voice of love, the voice that I needed to consistently hear to not only pull me back onto my feet but also to provide me with the tools to strengthen my own mindset.

She helped me figure out what the ‘work’ is that everyone says we have to do to improve mental health. I had never understood what ‘the work’ to do looked like nor how to figure out what that was. My own childhood emotional pains have been at the root of my anxieties about my self worth, control, expectations, and fears. Awareness of these roots and how they show up for me has helped immensely. Shining a light on these shadows helps dull their sharpness.

The tools Michelle has given me towards an aware mind has given me so many gifts already, in only six months. I am a different person now and am eager to continue developing my mind set.

I  highly recommend Michelle’s unique coaching approach (and the genuine, bright soul she is) to anyone working on themselves from within. Michelle’s guidance has been a gift and I am forever grateful for her role in reviving my life and helping me ascend to a stronger state of mind.

Lelannie Lewis

I sought out Michelle during the acute phase of heartbreak over the end of a painful 21 yr marriage.

I was drowning in a lot of heartache, and Michelle lovingly became one of my lifelines. She journeyed with me for 4 months and became instrumental in my healing.

Michelle’s holistic trauma-informed approach was exactly what I needed. I found her spiritual and evidence-based exercises to be intelligent, intuitive, and purposeful.

Her steady, focused, compassionate, and gentle witness to my pain helped me face my past and regain the lost parts of me.

Michelle helped me find strength in my suffering and hope for my future.

I am so grateful for you, Michelle! A thousand thanks.

Jennifer Nicolas

Right from the start, coaching with Michelle felt so natural and safe. Anything you talked about was heard and understood. I soon came to realize that I was holding onto a lot of emotional baggage that was just weighing me down.

This coaching is all about you. Whatever seems best for you is exactly what will happen. If you want to talk about one thing the entire time for multiple sessions that’s okay! Or talk about something different each time that’s also okay! Whatever will help you the most.

My struggle without getting too deep was that I felt stuck going downhill in my life. I had multiple issues in my life that I had dealt with but came back and I felt powerless this time. Each day was just getting worse and I had no idea what to do. Luckily, I met Michelle and I was able to work through all those problems with her and feel good about myself again!

That is where I’d like to talk about Michelle. She has the kindest soul. Whenever you talk to or see her you’ll always feel such a warm presence because you know you’re with someone that truly cares about you and your wellbeing. Anything I threw at her she was ALWAYS able to provide some sort of support and the ability to work through it.

She is one of the most selfless, kind, understanding, bubbly, caring, empathetic, punctual, warm, positive and respectful humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I believe that this is Michelle’s purpose and once you meet her you as well will understand. You will be in good hands.

Thomas Kristan

When I first began working with Michelle, I was preparing for the birth of my second child. After having a traumatic birth with my daughter three years ago, I suffered from extreme postpartum health anxiety and depression. I was so nervous to repeat this with my second child.

I happened upon Michelle’s Instagram page, and immediately felt inspired by her wisdom. She inspired me to take up my stagnant spiritual practice, which in turn changed my life remarkably.

The mindfulness tools Michelle provided me helped me face the birth of my son with renewed strength and courage, while making my healing process smoother than I could ever have imagined. Working with Michelle has enriched my life in ways that no words could ever do justice.

Despite having never met in person, I felt so at peace with being vulnerable with her, which really surprised me! Her beautifully radiant and supportive presence inspired me to reach outside of my comfort zone and dig deep into the root causes of my anxiety.

I would encourage anyone searching for mindfulness to work with Michelle. Her compassion, integrity, and wisdom make her a truly shining gift in this chaotic world.

Adriana Quintero

I started coaching services with Michelle hoping to gain some insight into areas of my life where I have felt stuck for many years.

Through working with her I began to unlock things emotionally that I believe I would not have accessed otherwise.

Her approaches to working with trauma, as well as her overall genuine loving-kindness, helped provide a safe space to explore and heal old wounds that were affecting and limiting my present-day life.

I was thoroughly surprised by how the body can hold on to emotional pain, as well as release it when it is given the right conditions.

The mindfulness of the body techniques that Michelle used during our sessions are profoundly transformative.

My wish is for anyone who is suffering to find healing as I have found through these coaching sessions.

Johnna *Due to the sensitive and personal nature of this work, this client requested not to have her full name disclosed.*

I’m a tough nut to crack. I’ve built walls to protect my walls, and these walls are twice as high and twice as thick as the first walls. So Michelle had her work cut out for her with me as a client.

As a natural skeptic, I am always on high alert for anything that rings as overly mystical or spiritual. But dang it if being listened to, I mean really deeply listened to, didn’t break down my many layers of defences.

If she suggests that you try a technique for homework, she will work with you on becoming comfortable with the technique so that you can practice on your own in the intervening weeks.

For instance, she even made a video for me of herself performing tapping steps, so that I could simply play it and follow along.

Michelle exudes such compassionate presence, and that, along with her creative spirit when it comes to customizing an approach for a client, makes her not just a rare, deeply empathetic human but a true coach, teammate and cheerleader.

Steve Goldberg

Honestly, my life sucked before working with Michelle. I was confused, conflicted and depressed about many things including myself. Everything was overwhelming and I couldn’t find the solution to my problems.

At first, I was skeptical due to issues I had with therapy in the past however as the sessions went on I truly realized the growth I was having and more importantly the work that would be done during our sessions was truly healing. I experienced more healing in one session with Michelle than an entire 5 years of therapy. It was truly amazing to find the root of traumas and help solve the issue at the base rather than fix the symptoms.

I’ve gained many benefits from working with Michelle, but the most important one is realizing I’m not the problem. She has helped me heal so many wounds internally and also realize I am not a problem, this is just a result of my trauma and it doesn’t define me.

Healing deep generational wounds has helped improve my faith with my creator and also helped me heal wounds from heartbreak I thought I could never get over. I can truly never thank her enough for the healing she has helped me with.

Without revealing too much, basically I’ve learned techniques on how to solve issues I’ve been struggling with for almost a decade. I can detect issues arising and help combat those all thanks to this saint of a woman. I truly feel better within. It’s interesting because healing one aspect can reflect positively on many other areas of my life.

What surprised me the most about working with Michelle was realizing that it’s the simplest things, like tools that she has taught me, which have really changed my entire life, whether it’s small techniques for a panic attack or episode.

What also surprised me is how simple things are. Michelle would bring issues to my attention and make connections I wasn’t aware of. It really surprised me how deep her sessions can get and how much we can solve in just an hour and a half.

I have healed so many wounds, so many childhood things and so many deep heartbreaks that I’ve been through in an hour and 30 minutes, which I never did in 5 whole years of therapy.

And even if we go overtime, I really appreciate Michelle for not shutting it down immediately when time is up. She will extend a session for you if necessary and won’t shut you out immediately and I really appreciate her for that. As someone that’s been to therapy for so many years, it’s different, it’s new, it’s something that I am surprised exists in the good way.

Also, Michelle helped me see that there’s hope. Not only is there just a solution of medication or going to simple psychiatric therapy, but there’s actual hope in terms of healing the issues/root that you have. Healing my panic attacks, healing my episodes, healing my suicidal ideation, healing my depression. There is a technique for that and it makes me the happiest knowing that I have killed those roots and now I can move forward and continue my life also knowing that even if there is a situation arising where I do feel some type of way, I know that I can use the techniques that she’s taught me to avoid getting to that low point ever again in my life. I will never forget that about her and I always appreciate her for that.

Michelle’s strength as a coach is her compassion. Whenever I feel horrible, whenever I’m upset or whenever issues are hard to talk about, it’s her compassion that makes you feel validated. She’s made me feel validated, she’s made me feel heard, she’s made me feel special, she’s made me feel like a friend that I’ve always needed, she’s made me feel safe. Michelle is someone who actually wants to listen, cares about what you’re talking about and understands you, not just somebody you call on betterhelp and hope they listen.

Another strength of Michelle’s is that she’s willing to work with you in terms of speaking your language, whatever your language is. In terms of healing, in terms of communicating, she will work with you. She uses use different tactics and techniques and will help you understand how you’re feeling. She’s able to put my emotions into words that I don’t even know what’s going on. She has an amazing sensibility of people and reading emotions and body language. I live in the US (Texas) and she lives in Canada and she has read my body way better than a psychiatrist that I saw for 3 years in-person. Michelle can read my body language and understand when I feel some type of way because she’s just that good.

Her string of strengths for me are making me feel safe, making me feel heard, and making me feel powerful. I feel powerful again and I feel hopeful and that’s all because of her strength. She made me feel this way and her strength is making you feel the best person you can be with her support.

OBVIOUSLY I highly recommend working with Michelle. 10/10! I always chat about her and recommend her to those who are ready to face the darkness and truly want to change for the better.

Andrea Salas

When I started working with Michelle, I was facing a crossroads in my life. I could see my past-self trying to shed, and my new-self trying to emerge. I just needed clarity to let go and process the traumas and limits that were holding me back. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe, but I knew it was hindering my evolution.

Connecting with Michelle during our coaching sessions was so easy and natural. She feels like a close friend that I knew in a previous life – it just took me a little while to find her in this one. Our relationship is more than that of a coach/client, mentor/mentee, sensai/student.

Michelle is 100% transparent, open, honest, kind, genuine, and skilled. She creates an inviting, peaceful, safe and non-judgmental environment for her clients. Not only does she show up fully for others, she is a leading example of self-development, continuing to educate herself and build expertise in her craft.

While working with Michelle, I learned to embrace my inner flower child, listen to my body, feel life from my heart centre and create a safe place for myself – one that extends to those around me. Michelle helped me create an affirmation and mindfulness practice, build myself up, and most importantly, include myself in my care routine. She helped me see things differently and be open to the world while still respecting myself, my values, my beliefs, and my feelings.

My coaching experience with Michelle was amazing, raw, connected, emotional, deep, and life changing. Without hesitation, I would recommend Michelle’s coaching to anyone needing additional guidance and support. Being open to her methods will truly impact your life in a positive way.

Azia *Due to the highly sensitive and personal nature of these sessions, this client requested not to have her full last name disclosed.*

Michelle really helped me when I started the process. I had tried therapy which was not really helping me. I was having a rough time in my relationship due to past trauma and hurts.

Michelle is kind and easy to feel at ease with so you can really dig deep and see past trauma’s you may never even realize you had/have.

I learned through this process with Michelle how I can help myself to look back on past trauma and heal. She helped me by not only giving me the tools but by taking me through the steps with love and support and no judgement.

Even though I knew each session with her would be emotional I always looked forward to our meetings and I was really surprised during the process by how easy it was for me to get in touch with myself and my past trauma with her guidance, I would not have been able to do that on my own. There was trauma that I did not even realize was affecting me.

I have and will continue to recommend coaching to others as it has been so healing and helpful.

I would recommend Michelle because she is kind, caring, compassionate and wise.

Anita Partridge

Before I started working With Michelle I was so overwhelmed with the things going on in my life and the state of the world. My mind was always buzzing and I was constantly thinking of all the things that needed to be done and fixed. I was also ignoring myself and my needs as far as self love and rest.

While working with Michelle I got a better handle on organizing my thoughts and feelings, so that I could handle them on the days I felt strong enough or when I had the time. I also learned techniques to help center myself and focus on where my emotional and physical pain were coming from.

I am a very self aware person, but with Michelle’s help I was able to use that awareness and implement the changes I needed to heal my traumas instead of just thinking about them.

I think what surprised me the most about working with Michelle was how intune she is with explaining where trauma originates and how it can manifest itself in the body and in our habits. She took the time to really help me unearth the root of my problems and treat them with a loving solution.

I can attest to Michelle’s attention to detail with her clients and her patience. She was respectful of my feelings surrounding certain topics and understood when I needed more time to process information she had given me.

Michelle has been an integral part of my growth during a time in my life when I needed clarity. She is exceptional.

Christie Alty

Working with Michelle Metta has been so transformative for me!!!! Michelle has taken a practical, systematic approach from a spiritual perspective that had been really effective for me.The sessions I have had with her are much beyond what I imagined possible in terms of gaining insight and healing and growing!

Prior to working with Michelle, I had never experienced that degree of pointed and effective release and being able to understand what was going on with me with some of my inner conflicts and challenges to such depth.

I have seen numerous therapists in my life and working with Michelle has been far more helpful! I am so thankful for each of the 6 sessions I have had with Michelle, they have been very healing, insight building and most importantly, effective.

I will be taking more sessions with Michelle as the insights I have gained have been incredible and helping me to be more effective in my relationships as a parent, a partner and with myself. Michelle has undoubtedly helped me with the goal of “know thyself.” 

Very thankful for the experience and opportunity to work with Michelle!!! Based on my experience and learning from her, I highly, highly recommend her.

Luzia P. *Due to the highly sensitive and personal nature of these sessions, this client requested not to have her full last name disclosed.*

When I first started seeing Michelle, I was having a difficult time reaching out to others. I spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts and kept things to myself even though a part of me really wanted to reach out and connect with those around me. This was causing many of my relationships to dissipate.

I was also struggling to maintain balance in my daily life. I would over-extend my leisure activities which was negatively impacting my health and well-being. There were certain things I was ignoring and bottling up which was preventing me from holding myself accountable and achieving my goals.

Since working with Michelle, I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and family. I’m not afraid to express myself and what’s on my mind anymore. Reaching out and being open is a lot easier now and I feel far more connected to others. I’m experiencing a greater sense of community.

Things aren’t as bottled up anymore, either. I’m able to be with all the bottled-up-ness and instead of avoiding it, I’m able to give it some breathing room to be cared for and loved. I’m able to shine a light in more of these areas and, as a result, feel more connected to my inner self too.

Lastly, I’ve been more diligent in not letting things slip. Instead of coming home, being inactive and staying up late, I’m able to work out before relaxing and get to bed much earlier. The three pillars of my mind, body and spirit are stronger and more harmonious now.

What surprised me most about working with Michelle is how she highlighted the connection between the conscious and subconscious and helped me understand you have to feel things to be able to overcome your barriers. She showed me that it’s okay and safe to feel as well as express all your emotions, and that’s how the healing happens.

I’m walking away from our time together with more conviction, accountability, outgoingness and inner peace. I honestly wish I’d done this for myself sooner! Not only has my brain has lit up in ways it’s never lit up before, but also I’ve grown a crap ton over these past 4 months.

I can’t wait to take what Michelle has shown me out into the world and I look forward to coming back for her help and healing again in the future.

If you’re feeling stuck in certain areas of your life and having trouble moving forward, I highly recommend you reach out to Michelle and give her coaching a shot. You won’t regret it!

Austin Lewis