Healing Trauma
through Mindfulness,
Compassion and Wisdom

Somatic Trauma Recovery Coach
and Mindfulness Teacher

Could trauma be impacting your life without you even realizing it?

Maybe you’re feeling stressed, anxious or even depressed. Or you’re sabotaging yourself with mean thoughts, emotional eating or other addictive habits like excessive drinking. Or perhaps you’re noticing that you’re sabotaging your relationship. You pick a fight with your partner, build walls, avoid conflict or hurt them with aggression. And you keep attracting a long line of people who you know aren’t right for you. Or maybe you’re having weird body pains or symptoms that you’ve never before connected to trauma – like migraines, gut issues, eczema, chronic muscle tension and more.

My name is Michelle Metta
and I’m a Somatic Trauma Recovery Coach

Believe it or not, the above scenarios are very common for people with trauma, so I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. The truth is, everyone experiences trauma, whether they can point to a specific traumatic incident or not. Many have spent a lifetime unaware of its impact, running away from it or not finding a solution that actually worked and wasn’t re-traumatizing.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s hope.

You see, I can relate. As someone born with a fatal genetic lung condition (Cystic Fibrosis) who survived severe teenage trauma, I spent years running from my pain and numbing my feelings with food and alcohol. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon self-development, spirituality and meditation that I began to access awareness and tools that helped me shift out of the sabotaging patterns I was repeating. You can read more about my story here. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you break free from trauma and the devastating impact it can have on your life.

Michelle Metta Coaching

Imagine if

  • You were calmer and less anxious or triggered.
  • You made better choices instead of compulsive decisions you regret.
  • You were less critical of yourself and others.
  • Your stress-related physical symptoms or pain significantly decreased or even disappeared.
  • You felt more joyful, confident and alive for the first time in years!

That’s what I help you do in a safe, gentle and loving way. Through my unique mindfulness-based, body-centered approach to coaching, I help you to heal and dissolve stuck emotions in your body so you can feel more peaceful, happy and free!

I thought that my difficult situation was impossible to get out of…

“I’m so happy today that I dared to challenge my darkness and my trauma. With Michelle’s spiritual help it has been an AMAZING journey and not at all difficult! I have learned to embrace all thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, never to be judgemental of myself, and to work with self-compassion and forgiveness. Michelle has taught me to listen to my body. It was an “ah-ha” experience when she resolved the trauma in my body. I really recommend her with all my heart to you who are struggling. Take the opportunity to live your lives to the fullest. To be able to come home to your real self. AMAZING!”

Leif Noren

Want to chat and explore how I can help you?

I offer a free 45-minute “Accessing Awareness Call” during which I’ll help you:

  • Discover what’s at the root of your top struggles and how it connects to trauma.
  • Embrace an empowering shift that can grow your confidence and hope.
  • Gain my top mindfulness tool to instantly help you feel lighter and more in control of your life.
about Michelle
Michelle Metta Coaching

What’s In the Name?

Some people ask me what “Metta” means in my business name. I chose it intentionally. “Metta” is an ancient Pali word originating in India and is most commonly used throughout Buddhism today. It means loving-kindness, benevolence and good will for others.

It’s also a very popular meditation to send loving-kind thoughts to oneself and others. In the metta practice, you always start with yourself.

Therefore, my coaching helps you cultivate loving-kindness and compassion towards yourself first that can then ripple out and foster more deep, meaningful relationships with others.

Sangha – Practising Mindful Living

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Love the Sangha

“Love the sangha. It’s wonderful to have found such an enlightened group. The wisdom of the Buddha is astounding.”

Ellen Corey

It’s so good to sit with the Sangha

“It’s so good to sit with the sangha. Thank you again and again for holding this space for us. You are a natural guide and motivator. Not everyone can facilitate a group the way you do. I’m so grateful for the sangha.”

Steve Goldberg

I can’t remember life before Sangha

“I’ve been introduced to the most amazing people through sangha and because of Michelle’s nurturing energy. The conversations are wild, fun and full of wisdom. I can’t remember life before sangha. I appreciate how welcome and authentic I feel when attending.”

Azia Onofrychuk